Last Cubs Call for Vin Scully

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1. Vin once played college baseball vs. President George H.W. Bush Scully played centerfield for the Fordham University Rams baseball team, and was the leadoff hitter for a game in 1947 against Yale and then-first baseman (and future US President) George H.W. Bush.

2. Vin is the youngest announcer ever to call a World Series Red Barber bowed out of the 1953 World Series due to a salary dispute with sponsor Gillette, and the then-25-year-old Scully became the youngest broadcaster ever to do a World Series game (a record that holds to this day). Before calling his first World Series game, he was so nervous that he threw up. While on the air, he questioned an umpire’s call, and on the drive home felt so badly about it, he nearly threw up again… but instead probably just did one of those burps where your mouth sort of tastes like vomit.
3. Vin could’ve been the original play-by-play man for Monday Night Football:  In 1970, ABC Sports executives approached Scully about becoming the first play-by-play broadcaster for Monday Night Football.  Scully was interested in the gig, but eventually declined the position because it would have conflicted with his Dodgers’ schedule. He also wasn’t too eager to work in a three-man booth.  “Because of how football was going to be televised, you’d have one or two analysts now in the booth,” Scully once said. “I had been doing games with Jim Brown on one side and George Allen on the other, and there were times I wasn’t sure, ‘Do I turn to him first for an opinion?’”  Instead, the position went to Keith Jackson, who hosted Monday Night Football for just one season before Frank Gifford replaced him in 1971.
4. Vin has been a part of countless baseball moments. He has broadcasted 25 World Series, 12 all-star games but the most surprising stat may be the amount of no-hitters (19) that Scully has called.  According to the Elias Sports Bureau, 285 official no-hitters have been recorded in the history of the majors leagues. What’s amazing is that Scully has called close to seven percent (6.66 percent to be exact) of them, including four from Sandy Koufax and the most recent Dodgers no-hitter from left-hander Clayton Kershaw.
5. From 1969-70 Scully hosted a game show on NBC called It Takes Two and later hosted The Vin Scully Show on CBS in 1973, which was a weekday afternoon talk-variety show where he was able to act, perform stand-up comedy and conduct interviews with celebrities. Sometimes, he even sang.


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