The First Pitch – Braves 4 Cubs 3

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A Flair For Dramatics

The Cubs traveled to Pittsburgh in “minimalist zany suit” style.

2016 CubsZanySuits
1. Ric Flair and his daughter Charlotte threw out the first pitch. For safety reasons the folding metal chairs used by the Ball Boys were temporarily removed from the field.
2. John Lackey who pitched eight innings of three hit ball got off the hook for the loss with a game tying single by Addison Russell in the bottom of the ninth.
3. Kris Bryant returned to the line up three days and a game after mildly spraining his right ankle Thursday against the Brewers. He went 1-4 with three strike outs.
4. Sunday’s loss was the Cub’s first exta inning game of the year.
5. Sunday’s victory was the first win at Wrigley for the Braves since 2014.

Tomorrow’s History Today
May 2, 1975 – Burt Hooton is traded to Los Angeles Dodgers for Geoff Zahn and Eddie Solomon.
Pitcher Geoff Zahn went 2-8 in two seasons with the Cubs.
He then spent the next ten seasons in the American League averaging over 10 victories a year.
Middle reliever Eddie Solomon pitched only six innings for the Cubs.
2016 Burt Hooton

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