Crew Cut Special-Referee Pete Morelli Gets Flagged

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The entire officiating crew from last year’s Bears vs. Broncos game has been reassigned.

While Pete Morelli didn’t negatively affect the Bears’ Week 11 loss to the Broncos…the Bears took care of that, his crew had a brutal 2015 season that featured two separate disciplinary measures from the league for mistakes. Among their many miscues, the Pete Morelli led crew stole a down from the Cardinals and later lost track of downs altogether. They granted the Lions a timeout they didn’t have. They missed a false start that would have sealed a Ravens win in a game they went on to lose and they stole 18 seconds from the Steelers’ two-minute drill.

Halfway through the season the NFL realized they had a problem child on their hands. In Week 13 they placed the entire Pete Morelli crew on a timeout by pulling them from their scheduled Sunday Night Game between the Steelers and the Colts. Here’s hoping that both Pete Morelli and the Bears cut down on their mistakes in 2016.





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