I’ve got a Cubby Chubby
’cause we’re looking good.
“Ba Da Doo Din”
Cubby Chubby
yes I’m talking wood.
Clark and Addison,
Sheffield and more.
Jump on the Red Line
and you’ll know the score.
I’ve got a Cubby Chubby
and it’s really hard.
“Ba Da Doo Din”
To complain about this line-up card.
From top to bottom
our boys can swing,
call in the bull pen
and I go Schwiiing.
I’ve got a Cubby Chubby
and it’s oh so nice.
“Ba Da Doo Din”
In this north side paradise.
The girls are gorgeous,
the Cubs a hit.
No time for Sox fans
they’re full of (shhhh) it.
So won’t you meet me at Wrigley
for a dog and a beer.
“Ba Da Doo Din”
No talk of losing,
no talk of next year.
We’re gonna do it
and go all the way.
So get your Cubby Chubby







The Cubby Chubby song is dedicated to the generations of long suffering Chicago Cub fans throughout the world whose time has finally come. The catchy melody is a tribute to the past and the words an anthem for a new generation. With a touch of humor and a wink of innuendo the Cubby Chubby song reminds us that the Chicago Cubs are more than just a baseball team. They are the memories of childhood and parenthood. The fun of Wrigley Field, and Wrigleyville. The camaraderie of a sports bar or local tavern. The Cubs are Arizona, Florida and all parts in between. The Cubs are CHICAGO…well, except for those few misguided baseball fans on the South Side.